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Fix the notifications

The notifications show really late or just never. Fix please.

Really slow

Hi I once timed the amount of time it takes for this app to load on my series 2 Apple Watch, and it went past 7 minutes! I dont know what to do, because I get many notifications on my messenger Facebook account.....



Cant find log out button

Couldnt find anyway of logging out. This must be their stealth marketing strategy of making people use the app with no way out. Crooks.

Need a lot of improvements

Not useful , not practical

Absolutely trash

Somehow this app refuses to even acknowledge that my phone as an internet connection, despite streaming music and games. Trash app is trash, for a trash website which has somehow managed to stay relevant despite better options being available. Trash.

It just keeps getting worse...

Facebook is so concerned about pandering to thin skinned whimps that constantly search for things to be offended by that they dont even look at the absurd updates that their incompetent developers bombard us with. As of 8/17/17, I can not log into my messenger because its asking me to verify my identity thru Facebook, but when I click on "ok" to open the app, it does nothing. I seriously believe a group of preschoolers could do a better job developing apps than their current staff is capable of.

Good but annoying!

Messenger has been a great friend and works perfectly. The only annoying bit is that you guys keep asking your users to review the app. IT IS VERY ANNOYING!

Love it!

Great to messaging those I dont have phone numbers for!

Cant attach PDFs or files

Cant attach PDFs or other files from the app.... should fix that :) otherwise pretty good app

This apps becoming worse and worse

After every update some new problem occurs first the online status wasnt working then it was crashing and now 3d touch wont work. This app is slowly losing its reputation and I might soon get rid of it

Top, make me possibility to be gentle to the people I love!



Great app. I use it all the time??


Can I please just use the Facebook app without having to install this one every time to see my messages? I never chat with my friends on Facebook, so if I get a once in a blue moon message I check it in case its important. I hate that in order to check my messages I have to have a whole separate app. Its a waste of space and data if you ask me. Plus the privacy is terrible. Because I accepted a chat from my annoying coworker once to tell him I dont want to add him as a friend, now I cant get it to where he nor anyone else cant tell when Im on. Its an annoyance that makes it really easy for annoying people to know when Im on and bother me. I liked it so much better when it was just a small chat box I can easily hide myself on and still check my messages. Like on a desktop. Too bad I dont have access to an actual computer all the time. So its either have this useless app and be bugged every time I open it; or never be able to check messages on those now rare occasions when Im using the Facebook app. Ive chosen the latter.

A pain to use

Bloated, unnecessary features. Useless release notes.


I am not one to complain but the app wont actually allow me to not have notifications. The app popped up to ask if I want to allow notifications and I said no. Now it constantly harasses me, many times a day asking if I want notifications turned on. I shouldnt have to answer that question more than once and it is an extreme nuisance. I also cant seem to change this setting in my general notification settings either. I have had to delete the app and only check from my computer because of how annoying this has become. Please fix this. It is unbearably stressful.

Annoying setting

Stop asking me if I want to turn on my notification. I answered that every single time I turn on the app. When I say no, it means no.

Not opening

The app will not open on current update

Great communication tool

Fast and accurate

Messages not saying read when my party ready my message

When people read my messages I doesnt tell me until they message me back

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